What You Need to Look For When Chartering a Private Jet

Chartering a private jet has proven to be the most cost effective method of being able to fly privately to your destination.  Chartering a private jet can turn traveling from something that is unpleasant and time consuming to a great experience where you are able to be productive on the plane and get to your destination in a very timely manner.

However, not all private jet charters offer the same positive experience or can provide you with the service that you are looking for. In order to make sure that you are choosing the best private jet charter company, it is essential to do your research well in advance of the time when you decide that you need to book the jet for your personal or professional travel.

What You Should Look for When You Decide to Charter a Private Jet

When you make the choice that you are going to be chartering a private jet, there are several key things that you are going to need to consider to find the right company for your needs. Ideally, you will only need to do the research just one time and you will find a company that you can really trust and that you can then call each time you want to take a jet for your trip.

Some of the different things that you should think about as you do your initial research and look for a private jet charter company include the following:

• Time in business. You want to ensure that the company has been in business for a very long time. A private jet charter company that was incorporated decades ago and that has been operating for 20 or 30 years (or more) is a company that clearly is doing something right.
• Safety record including flight miles and flight hours. Another thing that you should try to find out when you book your private jet charter is the number of air miles and flight hours that the private jet company has along with whether there has ever been an injury in those flight hours. A company that has logged millions of air miles and hundreds of thousands of flight hours with no accidents and no injuries is the type of company that you can trust. The safety record of the company is the single most important thing that you must think about when you look for a private jet charter company, since you could take your life into your hands and be at serious risk of getting hurt if you were to fly with an inexperienced company.
• The options for different kinds of jets to charter. You may want to charger aircrafts of different sizes for different purposes. Look for a company that has a fleet that makes it possible for you to find different size aircrafts so you will always have one that meets your needs.

These are just some of the key things that you should think about as you choose the company that will offer you private jet charter services.

Corporate Jet or Commercial Airline! You Decide

Ever thought of travelling somewhere in a plane of your own? If not than you better start thinking as chartering a private aircraft has many advantages as compared to commercial airline. It relieves you from the hassle of waiting in a long queue to get a boarding pass and then walking all the way to the lounge, waiting for departure. Once you get in touch with a corporate jet maintenance team, simply arrange a pleasure trip a few days back, step right into the plane directly and off you go.

There exists a lot of confusion among people between a private and commercial aircraft. Apart from the fare which is quite nominal, look below and find out some of the main differences as well as advantages of a corporate jet.

It is Indeed Private

First things first, just as the name suggest, a private plane is in fact private with no pestering passengers to bother you. One of the biggest difference is you will be given a choice by corporate jet maintenance company whether to fly the craft yourself or hire the service of a pilot. Well, you are only eligible to fly if you have the airworthiness certificate which is actually bestowed by an aviation institute. Chartering a personal plane means it is just you and your family to enjoy a pleasure trip and a wondrous get together away from hectic work routine.

Don’t go on the Looks

Personal airplanes may look smaller in size but they are actually big enough for you and your entire folks. Obviously there will be no passengers to cramp up all the space, so you can roam around inside the jet easily. Once onboard, you will find that it is equipped with everything you need, this can be a small private room, an executive lounge, kitchen and bathroom. So it can be said that it is actually a mini flying house.

Entertainment in the Sky

When flying along with friends and family, especially children, you do need a source of entertainment to relax and enjoy at your utmost. Therefore, corporate jet maintenance companies integrate the plane with internet facility, television, video playback device and much more. Now whether is it a business trip or simply a relaxing retreat, you can work without getting disturbed or simply watch a movie.
Freedom to Select Your Destination

Where a commercial airline is bound by strict rules and exact flying paths, a private jet has much more freedom. You can take the plane anywhere but this certainly does not mean that you go off the charts and the pleasure trip might end in a disastrous way. It is also possible that an idea of a far more rewarding destination crosses your mind while flying, so you can easily alter the route and head for the desired place. Whereas, this is certainly not possible in a normal airplane!

After going through all the information provided above, readers will definitely have a clear cut understanding of some major differences between commercial and private jets.

Reasons Your Company Should Charter a Jet for Travel

When you have executives or employees that need to take a trip somewhere, you have two primary choices: you can purchase a commercial airline ticket on an airplane run by one of the major aircraft carriers or you can charter a private jet.  Private jet charter is an option that allows you to choose the appropriate size jet you need in order to transport your employees or executives to their destination.  For many companies, it is a great option that has many benefits.

Why Your Company Should Charter a Jet For Travel

Here are just a few of the many reasons why your company should think seriously about chartering a jet for corporate travel that needs to occur:

• A jet allows for the time spent in the air to be productive. Studies have actually shown that people who do work while aboard a private jet can be more productive than individuals who are doing work in their standard office environment. Not only can private jets make it possible for corporate executives and employees to do work while in flight but a jet also provides privacy in case you want to host meetings or negotiations while aboard the plane.  
• A jet allows arrival at a destination sooner. When you are forced to fly on a standard commercial aircraft carrier, you will often be very limited as far as where you can actually fly into.  There are only around 550 airports that have large airline companies fly into and out of them. When you fly on a private jet, however, there may be anywhere from 5,000 to 5,500 airports where your jet can land. You can get closer to your destination and thus save a lot of time and hassle once you have landed or when you are getting ready to leave.
• A jet can leave on your schedule. Often, executives and employees have many important responsibilities including meetings that they cannot miss. If the employees are able to determine when the plane will leave, they can better manage their schedules and improve productivity for your business. Of course, with a regular airline carrier, you are bound by the schedule that the airline sets. When you charter a jet, on the other hand, you get to determine when the aircraft should take off.
• A jet makes travel simpler and easier. Many people are reluctant to travel or want to minimize the time spent going to other locations because of the fact that the plane trip is such a waste of time.  With private jet charter, the hassle disappears and there are no longer problems associated with taking a trip. The result is that people may be more willing to travel, which can increase cooperation and collaboration and have a positive impact on your business.

These are just a few of the many reasons why a company should charter a jet for travel.  Making a jet available to executives who need to take trips is also a major employment bonus that can help attract top talent, and it looks good to clients as well by projecting a professional image.

Why Private Jet Charter Is The Best Choice For Flying Privately

Flying on a commercial plane is a hassle that almost no one wants to deal with in this day and age.  When you fly on a commercial airline, you have to deal with unpleasant airport security, long lines, extra fees for baggage, limited leg room and a whole host of other problems. You can waste hours at the airport and you can have a generally unpleasant in-flight experience before getting off at an airport that may be quite a distance from your end destination.

All of this hassle can be avoided by flying privately, and many individuals and corporations benefit from private jets instead of commercial flights.  If you or your business is looking for a way to escape the grind of commercial flights and to enter into the wonderful world of flying private, private jet charter is often the right way to do it.

Why Private Jet Charter is the Best Choice

There are a lot of important reasons why private jet charter is often the best choice for those who are interested in flying privately instead of on a commercial aircraft carrier. Here are a few of the big benefits of private jet charter over other solutions:

• Private jet charter is much less costly than owning your own plane. Making the investment to buy a plane is a huge expense that will tie up a lot of your capital. Private jet charter gives you all of the benefit at a fraction of the cost.
• Private jet charter is cheaper than jet clubs and fractional ownership arrangements.  Private jet charter is generally recognized as the most affordable way to fly on a private aircraft.
• Private jet charter allows you to avoid the hassle of maintenance. When you own your own plane, there are a huge host of maintenance requirements and regulatory obligations that you must fulfill. Not only that, but you of course want to keep up on maintenance to ensure that the plane is safe. When you charter a private jet, the company that offers the charter takes care of all of that for you so you don’t have any hassle.
• Private jet charter allows you to use (and pay for) an aircraft carrier only when you need one. There may be times when you need to travel regularly and require a jet often while there are other situations where you stay at your home base for extended periods of time. When you opt for private jet charter,  you do not waste money on a jet at a time when you do not need it, since you have flexibility to charter a jet only when you have somewhere that you have to go.

These are just some of the many benefits of private jet charter over other methods of flying privately.  Consider chartering a private jet for your next trip and you can see for yourself how great the experience is when you fly on an aircraft that is there to cater to your needs.

Proper Aircraft Maintenance Ensure The Safety Of Passengers



In the past, long distance journeys were literally quite long and made the travelers weary and tired. But with the advent of aircraft and airplanes, long distance journeys are just a matter of hours now, rather than the days it took in the non-aircraft era. As traveling in today’s fast-paced world is increasing very swiftly, the need for various airlines to deliver quality services to the passengers is also becoming essential. The use of technologically appropriate and modern aircrafts has become the norm nowadays. Therefore, the overhaul of aircrafts is one underlying factor that basically expresses the whole operations of a particular airline. The repairing and revamping of an aircraft is very crucial as the lifetime use of each and every aircraft differs substantially.


Many airlines today still use the old aircrafts with old engines that do not function up to the required standard. These airlines are forced to operate on the old airplanes, for long term, due to finance lease reasons. Hence, aircraft maintenance is critically important, especially for those airlines that use old or out dated aircrafts and depending upon the size of the service company, they either focus on a specific aircraft or several models of various dimensions. As part of the overhauling and maintenance services, parts are individually assessed by the maintenance companies during proper intervals, so as to ensure that the airlines comply with the rules and regulations set aside by the aviation authorities regarding the fitness and functionality of aircrafts.


As explained earlier, it is essential to regularly conduct overhauling and reexamining procedures to make sure that the aircraft to be used or which is in use is in fine shape. The costs involved in aircraft maintenance are not that high because the charges are incurred on the amount of time served to repair or reconstruct the aircraft. The yearly maintenance expenses range from 10% to 20% of the annual operating costs, which vary due to the size and overhauling requirements of the planes. In normal circumstances, a service agent or a maintenance service provider will usually charge around $80 per hour for each individual aircraft.


The safety of the passengers is the topmost priority of each airline and an effective and professional overhauling and maintenance service is necessary in ensuring the passengers safety. There are several companies that provide aircraft maintenance New York, so there are a lot of options for you to choose from. As the New York City airport is busy throughout the year, the airplane traffic is extensive meaning that the aircrafts go through different wear and tear all along their journey. For this reason, a proper and appropriate aircraft maintenance company should be hired to revamp the aircrafts so that they can be used for a long time.

The regular maintenance and overhauling of aircrafts is vital in ensuring that these high flying crafts are technically and mechanically fit enough to perform the functions of carrying passengers and cargo from one place to another.

Air Charter Companies – Providing Travel Solutions To Individuals



Travelling is an essential part of the modern world. As the world has completely transformed in the last 40 to 50 years, the use of specialized and modernized services for the purpose of travel has enhanced. The journey that people make from one place to another sometimes becomes quite hectic and pain-staking for the individual. In order to fulfill the desires and different needs of travelling, people are looking for ways to improve their travelling experience and to reach to their destination in time without any hassle. The increasing use of air charters is evidence that people are moving towards more personalized and customized travelling options. An air charter is basically the business of renting a whole aircraft, instead of booking seats on a commercial flight.


The services offered by air charter companies are second to none. The public airlines or the commercial air flights are limited in their services, as they only provide seats in an aircraft according to the air company’s policy and requirements. An air charter service company provides many essential services like renting of private individual aircraft for travelling purpose, cargo facility, time sensitive or urgent freight, air ambulance and other various arrays of ad hoc air transportation. The business executives and the wealthy people usually use the services of air charter companies to fly out to their destinations privately and in time.


If you want to hire air charter service New York, you must make sure that the charter company you hire possesses a professional and friendly team of staff and crew members, who are available for help at any time. Additionally, they should also have proper arrangements to cater the needs of every individual, including head of states, ministers, VIPs and business executives. Most of the air charter companies have a professionally qualified and skilled work force to deal with the requirements and demands of the customers.


Renting a private aircraft for your individual needs will always come for a cost. However, there are many air charter companies that provide services at a very reasonable price. Before you hire the services of an aircraft company, you should properly research on all the charter companies operating in your local area, compare their pricing structure, the services and amenities that they provide, and then select the one that offers the best cost effective and efficient charter and leasing solutions. As all the companies are bound to follow a structured pricing formula, you will definitely find one that fits your needs. Even if you don’t find an appropriate service provider, you have the option of moving to the next company as there are a whole host of charter companies in the U.S.


These private air charter companies operate under the rules and regulations laid down by the Government, in conjunction with the aviation authorities. If you ever find a charter company not complying with those rules, then you should immediately complain to the concerned authority so that the necessary action is taken against them.

Airline Is One Of Largest Industries In The World

Life is a whirl

Today’s life is a whirl. People have to travel more often and longer distance in a short time not only on personnel trips but for business reasons. The world has become a global village now and the whole world has been connected and shares a lot more than they used to in the past. Air travel has not only increased the movement of people all over the world, but has also increased the shipment of goods in shorter time.

Improved international trade

In the past, there were some perishable items that could not be shipped between places that were located at great distances. There were many things like fruit that never made it out of the parent country mainly because the distance was covered by land or sea and took a long time in which the fruit would rot. With air travel, the whole world can now use many kinds of goods even if they are perishable. Such improvement in shipment of goods has improved the trade between different countries and this improves the global economy as a whole.

Provides employment

Being one of the biggest industries in the world, the airline industry provides a lot of employment all around the world. Apart from the basic crew including pilots, cabin crew, technical crew and aviators, there are other industries that are also connected to the airline industry. There are so many things that an airline needs to work like food, uniforms, stationery, vehicles and a lot more and this provides a lot of employment in different fields, thereby generating a lot of jobs and money all around.

More the merrier

The concept of air charter companies maybe new for some, but it has been around for some time now. Hiring a plane was a luxury of a select few in the past, but now the number of people who can make use of this has increased. A lot of people like to hire a plane when they need to take large number of passengers for a specific event whether for business or personal reasons. Sometimes hiring a plane to carry a large number of people or your cargo is cheaper than if you bought individual tickets or shipping. The air charter companies provide their customers various packages for a reasonable price allowing them to choose.

Professionals getting the job done

These companies have experts for aircraft management, which is a tedious task if you haven’t done it in the past. Then there is corporate jet maintenance, which has to be done keeping within certain rules and regulations in mind. Since these experts are constantly dealing with the issues that involve aircraft management and corporate jet maintenance, they will achieve the task in shorter time and lower cost. This allows you to save money and time and not get stuck in this. The professionals will deal with these issues, while you have the luxury of not bothering with these and still getting the job done.